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Engineering Plastics: Majority of the products of ATC fall in this category, where it processes various Engineering plastics like Nylon 6,66, 46 (unfilled & Reinforced), PBT, PET, PPS,ABS, PC, Acetal.

Commodity Plastics:  We also process commodity plastics like PP(unfilled & Reinforced), PVC etc. Majority products in this category are large aesthetic components .

Insert Moulded Components: ATC has dedicated infrastructure for insert moulded components consisting of special purpose Vertical Rotary Table injection moulding machines. We can call ourselves ‘specialist’ in this field having the capability to produce/outsource sheet metal parts, turned & forged parts etc, used as ‘inserts’ in moulding.
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ATC has been moulding thermo-set material since inception and has moulding machines ranging from compression & transfer moulding to injection moulding. We process various materials including Phenolic , melamine & Urea resins and  DMC.

“Having vast expertise & knowledge of thermo-set moulding, ATC has now become a trusted indigenous source for many automobile component manufacturers who were earlier importing these components.”

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ATC has a comprehensive in-house infrastructure, a highly qualified & skilled team and design facility enabling it to manufacture quality moulds at right time & price.  We offer a complete solution to our customers, which include tool design, mould flow analysis, selection of appropriate tool-steel, tool manufacturing & finally finished product. We manufacture a wide range of moulds, fit to run on injection moulding machines ranging from 25 tons to 1000 tons.

ATC uses superior quality tool steels procured from reputed sources & uses Vaccum hardening as a standard procedure. Besides, we also use surface coating on high volume moulds which provides longer mould life, shorter cycle times, better mould filling & ease of cleaning.

We have the capacity & capability to manufacture every conceivable type of mould, from prototype to Hot Runner Multi-cavity mould, capable of producing sample quantities to millions of parts.

Also, having in-house moulding machines ranging from 50-650 tons, enables us to do mould trials in controlled conditions & diminishes the time lag between initial samples & final product.Products collage will come here.
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We also add value to the moulded products by doing sub-assemblies based on customer specifications. ATC has all that it takes to set-up small assembly lines which include a comprehensive tool-room for designing & manufacturing equipments/ fixtures, production engineering team for line set-up & carefully chosen suppliers for BOPs (bought out items).
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ATC has been serving the Automotive
industry since 1990, with majority
of its business from this sector.
The second segment of ATC’s business
consists of OEMs in the Electronics and
Electricals, Consumer & Engineering sector.
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